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IconLarge Priest.gif Жрец
Пророк Велен, жрец-эредар.
ДоступенЭльф кровиЭльф крови Эльф крови
ДренейДреней Дреней
ДворфДворф Дворф
ГномГном Гном
ГоблинГоблин Гоблин
ЧеловекЧеловек Человек
Ночной эльфНочной эльф Ночной эльф
ПандаренПандарен Пандарен
ТауренТаурен Таурен
ТролльТролль Тролль
ОтрекшийсяОтрекшийся Отрекшийся
ВоргенВорген Ворген
СпециализацииПослушание Послушание (хил)
Свет (Жрец) Свет (хил)
Тьма Тьма (рендж ДД)
Ресурс(ы)Мана, Сферы Тьмы
Основные характеристикиИнтеллект
Владение оружиемПосох, Кинжал, Жезл, Одноручное Дробящее
Типы брониТкань
Некоторые способности[Исповедь], [Духовное рвение], [Левитация], [Слово силы: Щит], [Ментальный крик], [Облик Тьмы]
Классы Воин Друид Жрец Маг Монах Охотник Паладин Разбойник Рыцарь смерти Чернокнижник Шаман
Расы класса Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Задания Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Способности Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Тренеры Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Тактики Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Комплекты брони Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Начиная играть... Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Макросы Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох Па Ра Ры Че Ша

Для юнита из Warcraft III, см. Жрец (Warcraft III).
Priest crest.png

Новая классовая иконка

Жрец - это мастер лечения и поддержки в игре, в то же время с удивительно сильным потенциальным уроном. Его способности лечить и накладывать благотворные заклинания на союзников, избегать аггро, рассеивать благотворные заклинания у врагов, рассеивать вредоносные заклинания со своих союзников, а также способность воскрешать павших приятелей делает его важным членом любой группы, независимо от того PvP это группа или PvE.

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Жрецы посвящают себя духовной жизни и доказывают крепость веры, служа своему народу. Тысячелетия назад они покинули покой храмов и уют святилищ, чтобы поддержать своих друзей на полях боя. В разгаре сражения ни один герой не усомнится в приказах жреца.

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Dwarf priest.jpg

Дворф жрица.

The Clerics of Northshire were human priests who served the kingdom of Stormwind during the First War. The clerics served as healers on the battlefield, but were ill-prepared for the hazards of combat, and thus suffered heavy casualties. This order was largely destroyed, and the Second War saw fragile priests replaced on the battlefield by armored paladins, the Knights of the Silver Hand — established by the clerics' leader Archbishop Alonsus Faol and his apprentice Uther the Lightbringer.

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While the draenei were the first known physical race to be associated with the forces of "The Light", humans were the first to discover The Holy Light on Azeroth, and were responsible for passing on the religion to other races, most notably the high elves and dwarves. Humans build mighty churches and cathedrals as places of worship and teaching of the Light. The religion teaches its followers to be virtuous in life, and while the religion is more philosophical than theistic, its practitioners do believe their devotion connects them to a greater and mysterious force in the universe. There is mention in older lore that divine beings known as "hope" guide The Light's worshipers with an unseen hand.Humans have produced great priests who have healed their allies or have used the powers of the light to purge their enemies.

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Woe or Grow TCG.JPG

Нежить жрица.

Forsaken who once followed the tenets of the Holy Light altered their philosophy upon their transformation. Forsaken have abandoned religion, just as they believe it abandoned them. Lost and hurt, these priests founded a new religion based on a self-centered version of their former faith. Dubbed the Forgotten Shadow, this philosophy centers around self-empowerment and a desire to balance life with death. While they can no longer use the Holy Light, and have since learned how to use the shadow; the priests teach that there must be a balance between light and shadow, and members must learn the Light as well, but never forget they were born from the shadow.

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Zaduru TCG.jpg

Тролль жрец.

The troll priesthoods are, much like the shamans and the witch doctors of the various troll tribes, spiritual advisers and caretakers. With trolls being naturally superstitious and spiritual, it allows the various troll priests to manipulate the spiritual energy of the world in order to either heal or harm their targets. The various energies that the troll priests draw can come from various sources, be it Loa spirits, voodoo magic or the target itself. Drawing upon these energies, the troll priests either mend or harm, depending on which blessing the spiritual entity bestows. Arguably, in World of Warcraft, troll priests can be considered witch doctors in a cultural perspective, in equal terms with the shamans.

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Дреней жрица.

With the arrival of Cataclysm priests are now a playable class for the tauren. These priests are known as "seers" and use the power of An'she, the sun, in their spells just as tauren paladins, named the Sunwalkers, do. This is similar to how night elven priests use the power of the moon through their goddess, Elune, instead of through the Holy Light. There have been tauren seers before the arrival of the Cataclysm, but their path has now either been enhanced with new magic or revitalised by new blood. Tahu Sagewind has become the leading tauren priest.

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ААльянсIconSmall Anduin.gif Андуин Ринн Принц Штормграда Жив Крепость Штормграда,Штормград
ААльянсHuman male Архиепископ Алонсус Фаол Бывший лидер Церкви Света Погиб Похоронен в Тирисфальских лесах
НейтральнаяHuman male Архиепископ Бенедикт Бывший лидер Церкви Света Убиваемый Душа Дракона
ООрдаTroll male Забра Хекс Жрица Жива Неизвестно
НейтральнаяIconSmall Iridi.gif Ириди Жрица Погибла Похоронена в Запределье
АлдорыDraenei female Верховная жрица Ишана Верховная жрица Алдоров Жива Возвышенность Алдоров, Шаттрат
ООрдаTroll male Сен'джин Бывший лидер Троллей Черного Копья Погиб Неизвестно
ААльянсIconSmall Velen.gif Велен Пророк Дренеев Жив Чертог Света, Экзодар
ААльянсIconSmall Tyrande.gif Тиранда Шелест Ветра Верховная жрица Элуны, Правительница ночных эльфов Жива Храм Луны, Дарнас

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Для полного списка способностей, см. Способности жреца.

Priests bring a wide range of abilities to any party. Depending on their spec, priests may specialize in healing and protecting their allies, or dealing powerful shadow damage to their enemies. However, a priest's capabilities extend far beyond these roles. Priests can buff their allies' stamina, ward against fear, restore mana to their party and even dispel magical debuffs and diseases from their allies. They can terrify, silence and horrify enemies, and remove some of their most powerful buffs and immunities. They can defer aggro, grant substantial speed buffs to their allies and even pull heedless teammates out of the fire. Priests' innate power in manipulating others can allow them to see through the eyes of a distant target, or even dominate an opponent's mind, turning a foe into a friend, or sending them to their death at the bottom of a precipice.


Priests have a range of healing abilities. Discipline and Holy priests are natural masters of healing and protection, and have additional capabilities in these areas, with spells ranging from direct heals and heal over time effects to AoE abilities and on-damage procs. Atonement also allows Discipline priests to heal through dealing damage, with the added bonus of generating Evangelism stacks for use with Archangel. While Shadow priests excel at wreaking havoc, they can still provide significant healing should the need arise, with Glyph of Dark Binding providing a loophole from their shadowy division from the Light, and can contribute passive healing to their group through Vampiric Embrace.

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Дворф жрец Тьмы.

Priests have access to two schools of magic - Holy and Shadow - and can deal substantial amounts of damage from either. Priests have a number of direct damage options, as well as a few DoTs and specialties. Shadow priests are without doubt the most damage-oriented of priests, but Discipline priests with Atonement come a respectable second. Even healing priests can contribute some damage by summoning their temporary pet - the Shadowfiend or Mindbender - to attack enemies. Priests with Glyph of Reflective Shield can also use Power Word: Shield to reflect damage back upon their attackers.

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Priests are significantly capable dispellers. They can strip magical buffs and even immunities from their enemies with Dispel Magic and Mass Dispel, while Discipline and Holy priests can also Purify their allies of magic and disease effects. Discipline and Holy priests can generally consider dispelling to be their most important duty after healing, while Shadow priests are also capable of contributing if necessary.

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Жрецы могут носить только тканевую броню. Жрецы начинают с умением обращаться с Одноручным дробящим оружием и жезлами а также могут выучиться обращению с кинжалами и посохами у Мастеров Оружия по достижении 10-го уровня.

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Charkov TCG.jpg

нежить жрец.

Основная статья: Расы жреца

Всем расам, кроме Орков доступен класс жрецов. При создании жрецы получают следующие характеристики:

Раса Сила Ловкость Выносливость Интеллект Дух Броня Здоровье
ААльянс ДренейДреней Дреней TBC 21 17 20 22 25 34 52
ААльянс ДворфДворф Дворф 25 16 21 21 22 32 62
ААльянс ГномГном Гном Cata 15 23 19 25 23 51 51
ААльянс ЧеловекЧеловек Человек 20 20 20 22 23 40 52
ААльянс Ночной эльфНочной эльф Ночной эльф 16 24 20 22 23 48 52
ААльянс ВоргенВорген Ворген Cata 23 22 20 18 22 46 52
ААльянс/ООрда PandarenPandaren MoP 20 18 21 21 25 37 113
ООрда Эльф кровиЭльф крови Эльф крови TBC 17 22 20 25 21 44 52
ООрда ОтрекшийсяОтрекшийся Отрекшийся 19 18 20 20 28 38 52
ООрда ГоблинГоблин Гоблин Cata 17 22 20 25 21 33 52
ООрда ТауренТаурен Таурен Cata 25 15 22 17 25 35 72
ООрда ТролльТролль Тролль 21 22 20 18 24 44 52

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Для полного списка всех способностей для любой специализации смотрите Способности жреца

  • Лечение: лечение одной цели, лечение группы, лечение рейда, периодичное лечение, предотвращение урона, воскрешение.
  • Светлая магия: поддержка, рассеивание и излечение болезни, прямой урон.
  • Темная магия: прямой урон, периодичный урон, сожжение маны, управление угрозой, захват сознания.
  • Разное: контроль.

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Дворф жрец.

Spell holy powerwordshield.png
'Создавая магические щиты и взывая к великим силам, жрецы могут отводить вред от себя и своих спутников.

Discipline priests are powerful healers, choosing to focus on absorbing damage with Power Word: Shield, Divine Aegis and Spirit Shell - improved by the Discipline mastery Shield Discipline - as well as mitigating damage with Power Word: Barrier and Pain Suppression. As well as preventing and reversing damage, Discipline priests can also heal through dealing damage, thanks to Atonement. Discipline also have some useful utilities such as Archangel, Inner Focus and Borrowed Time. The signature Discipline ability is Penance, launching a volley of Holy Light to heal an ally, damage an enemy, or both (with Atonement).

The combination of strong cooldowns and a focus on preemptive healing tends to make Discipline priests the preferred healing option for PvP. Their Power Word: Shield is improved in multiple ways, becoming an efficient and powerful protection option, with effects like Divine Insight also making it available more often. Discipline priests anticipating incoming damage can stack protection with effects such as Divine Aegis, Spirit Shell and Pain Suppression, allowing them to protect their allies even when incapacitated, while Atonement offers highly efficient healing, and can be useful when healing is not too critical, conserving mana and contributing to damage-dealing. Discipline priests are capable of healing multiple targets, but excel at keeping single targets alive through the most brutal of onslaughts.

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Spell holy guardianspirit.png
Жрецы пользуются доступом к священным силам, чтобы восстанавливать свое здоровье и здоровье союзников.

Holy priests are some of the most versatile healers, with a variety of tools to sustain their group. In comparison to the Discipline priest, the Holy priest focuses primarily on reactive healing rather than damage prevention, with their mastery Echo of Light granting healed targets a heal over time effect based on the initial heal. Key to Holy priests' versatility is their use of different Chakras to focus on the demands of the current situation: Chakra: Serenity favours single-target healing, while Chakra: Sanctuary benefits multiple target and AoE healing, and Chakra: Chastise is very useful for dealing damage. Each Chakra state also grants the priest a new ability: Holy Word: Serenity is a powerful instant heal, Holy Word: Sanctuary an AoE heal over time effect, and Holy Word: Chastise is useful for dealing damage and disorienting targets.

Holy priests also have some of the most interesting and unusual healing options in the game. Lightwell offers players a powerful self-service healing option, which can be converted with Glyph of Lightspring to dispense itself. Circle of Healing is an instant multi-target smart-heal. Guardian Spirit is an extremely powerful buff capable of saving a target from certain death. Holy priests can even heal from beyond the grave with Spirit of Redemption - for a limited time. In comparison to Discipline priests, Holy priests tend to focus more on direct healing, as well as healing over time with Divine Hymn, Holy Word: Sanctuary and multiple improvements to Renew.

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Spell shadow shadowwordpain.png
Использование темной магии позволяет жрецам мгновенно наносить огромный урон врагу или растягивать причиняемую боль.

Нежить жрец в облике Тьмы.

Механика нанесения урона этим классом сводится к проклинанию противников различными ДоТами (damage over time spells), аналогично колдуну. Одним из самых нужных заклинаний тьмы, получаемым из талантов, является [Пытка разума] - трехсекундное потоковое заклинание, наносящее урон силами тьмы и замедляющее передвижение цели на 50%.

Shadow priests are born damage-dealers. The signature Shadowform increases Shadow priests' damage and increases survivability, while increasing the spell haste of their whole party. Shadow priests tend to focus on afflicting targets with the damage over time effects Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch, the latter also serving to regenerate the priest's mana. The usual Shadow priest rotation involves a mixture of DoTs and direct damage using the potent Mind Blast, filling the gaps with their signature "face-melter" Mind Flay, contributing additional damage and snaring their victims. Shadow priests gain the secondary resource Shadow Orbs, and once generated can use these to unleash a Devouring Plague upon their enemies - dealing damage and healing the priest - or shock their minds with a Psychic Horror, horrifying and disarming them. Shadow Orbs can be generated through Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death, which Shadow priests are able to use more often than their less shadowy brethren.

Shadow priests also excel at crowd control. While all priests are capable of inspiring fear and terror in their enemies through Psychic Scream and Psyfiend, Shadow priests can also horrify targets with Psychic Horror and silence casters with Silence, with the former being especially useful against melee types, and the latter against casters. In the hands of a skilled Shadow priest, these abilities can be combined to provide windows of opportunity that can prove fatal to even the most battle-hardened healer. Shadow priests also have a powerful survival and mana regeneration ability in Dispersion, and can convert their damage into healing through Vampiric Embrace.

Shadow priests tend to focus on damage over time, improved by the Shadow mastery Shadowy Recall. This approach allows them to deal damage simultaneously to multiple targets, and to continue dealing damage even while the priest is incapacitated or hidden out of line of sight. However, in situations where there isn't sufficient time to build a full array of DoTs, Shadow priests can use Mind Spike and Mind Blast to quickly burn targets down. While dedicated damage dealers, when need be Shadow priests are also capable off-healers, with the unexpected healing or shielding of an attentive Shadow priest potentially saving the day. While direct healing requires priests to drop out of Shadowform, Glyph of Dark Binding can allow them to contribute healing both for themselves and others.

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Shadow Priest Abilities & Talents Preview ft. Cromar24:39

Shadow Priest Abilities & Talents Preview ft. Cromar

★ Mists of Pandaria - Holy Discipline Priest Preview - Ft CabalsCorner - WAY➚07:37

★ Mists of Pandaria - Holy Discipline Priest Preview - Ft CabalsCorner - WAY➚

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